Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas News '09

December, 2009

Dear Ones,

The Mattesons of Lamar have missed a few years of sending an annual update. Having six children and being grandparents has really added to the hectic pace of the Christmas season, so some things had to give and this was one of them. But I’m not wanting to lose touch with our connections from years past so here goes!

Our third grandchild, MalachI James, was born to Jeff and Miranda on November 4th. He joined Kadence (4) and Brayden (2) in Colorado Springs where Jeff ministers at Pikes Peak Christian Church. They moved into their first home in August and Miranda has decorated it with great color schemes despite a broken ankle during her third trimester. We enjoyed an early Christmas with them during Thanksgiving, besides having our older two grandchildren stay with us in June (while Jeff and Miranda traveled with New Way Singers) and in October. We love our three amazing grandchildren!!!

Brad, our second son, is still in Seattle and testing video games for a living. He was with us last Christmas, but cannot come this one. We will miss him very much, but he does have friends to spend the day with. Ray flew to Seattle in September for a visit with Brad and found him doing well.

Kelsey, our daughter, and Keenan, her husband, continue to live two blocks away from us, much to our delight. Kelsey has been working in the public library for five years now, and does very well currently as Youth Librarian. Keenan is furthering his education as a lab technician while working as such at our local hospital. They’re part of a young couples’ Bible study and very enthused about the relationships they are building.

Kelsey and Keenan decided to look into cruises last February and found one sailing January 2010 that fit all their criteria-good price, a new stop each day, etc. So they talked us into going with them along with Keenan’s parents and sister (who also happen to be our friends) so we’re thrilled to be going to the Caribbean in just a few short weeks. Ray and I feel pretty spoiled because we also took an amazing trip to North Carolina in last August and went all over the state from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Outer Banks and Atlantic Coast, seeing my nephew and family in the deal.

Denisha (13), Kara (8), and Seth (4) are wondering when they’re going on a trip--maybe summer of 2010. In the meantime, they are working hard at school (preschool for Seth), enjoying their friends and church activities. Denisha went to church camp at Como, played volleyball this fall, and left childhood behind last week when she turned into a teenager. Kara is still best friends with Katy and Tucker whom she’s known from babyhood, enjoyed soccer in the fall, and loves to read. Seth keeps us smiling and is excited about books, Transformers and bike riding (which he mastered before his 4th birthday).

Our newest addition is a delightful pug puppy named Samson - we have happily joined Kelsey and Keenan and Keenan’s family as pug lovers--Samson is living up to all of our expectations!
Please contact me (Susanne Matteson) on Facebook if you’re part of that social network. Those “friends” got this update via that medium. Plus it is such a delight to share pictures and news throughout the year. But for now I’m out of paper and time, so I’ll close with best wishes for a wonderful 2010 for you and yours!